Considered one of the oldest, purest, and strongest symbols. The Sri Yantra powers should help us to fulfill our desires and make our lives better. It is meant to bring us wealth, both in the spiritual and material realms. It should also bring peace, strength, and success to the user.

About us

What is $YANTRA?

$YANTRA is an instrument to support the masses on their crypto journey. The purpose of $YANTRA is to empower and fund the community with a wealth generating token. $YANTRA works like a machine removing tokens from the blockchain while providing additional liquidity to the pool for the remaining tokens. $YANTRA TOKEN Pure Burn Tokenomics are designed to increase token value for the holders adding sustainable liquidity on autopilot during trading activity.

Liquidity Locked

$YANTRA's liquidity has been locked and burned forever for 999 years. View on Etherscan.


YANTRA DAO allows holders to vote on how the marketing funds are used in the public wallet. 1,000 $YANTRA and 1 NFT is required to be apart of the DAO.

Contract Address


Featured Geometry NFTs


YANTRA offers a total of 5000 beautiful rare sacred geometry NFTs.

Why choose us?



Staking Reward Incentive

SRI • Staking platform offering users 36% APR for holders who stake their $YANTRA token. Holders can stake their tokens for as long as they want and earn $YANTRA. Unstaking burns 3% of the token from the Max Total Supply. 1% Staking Fee.



Total Supply


Max Wallet

1% (3,333.33)

Buy Tax

6% True Burn

3% Auto LP

3% Marketing

Sell Tax

6% Auto LP

3% True Burn

3% Marketing



Phase 1
  • V1 Website
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Etherscan Socials
  • 999 Year LP Lock
  • Liquidity Burned Forever
Phase 2
  • Public NFT Mint
  • DAO Release
  • Influencer Marketing
  • BuyBack Burns
  • Staking Platform Release
  • V2 Website
Phase 3
  • Staking Platform Release
  • Exchange Listings
  • Bigger Marketing
  • DAO Proposal
  • DAO Release


Looking for answers?

Where do I buy Yantra?

You can get Yantra tokens from Uniswap.

How do I stake Yantra?

Go here to access the Staking DAPP(SRI). Connect your wallet and enter the amount of Yantra tokens you would like to stake.

How do I mint NFTs?

Go here to access the NFT mint page. Connect your wallet and enter the number of NFTs you would like to mint. The maximum amount of NFTs per transaction is 10 NFTs.

What is Yantra's contract address?